Company Principles

Solving Business Problems

Our Foundation

Quality Transportation Services started out in the proactive tracking business way back in 1982. In fact, we were one of the pioneers of this service, and we continue to lead the industry today. From this foundation of success, our customers have led us into developing a full spectrum of rail-centric products and services all with the fundamental goal of achieving maximum performance while minimizing the costs of rail shipping.

How do we do it? It’s no secret formula—just good old-fashioned common sense principles.

It starts with a commitment to the customer—to meet you where you are, to be flexible and resourceful in satisfying your needs, and to do the job the way you would do it—with the passion and skill of a true professional.

Our Company Principles For Success


The QTS corporate culture has always been customer service driven. It's been instilled in us from the very beginning by our President and Founder, Kevin Gallagher, and it remains our focus every day. QTS is a service organization first and foremost, and our commitment to our customers, large and small, is always our primary focus.


QTS is one of the few independent players in the industry. We do business with a wide variety of entities from railroads, to rail shops, car manufacturers, lessors and third parties, but through the years we’ve remained detached from outside influences to ensure our singular focus is on the success of our customers.

Shipper's Advocacy

Since we are independent and objective, we are able to pursue the objectives of our customers. We take on your perspective—the shippers—and work with a shipper’s mindset in dealing with carriers, lessors, shops, and other industry influences. We are on your side, no matter what the situation or scenario.


Staying flexible in our approach allows us to provide the customized and varied services we do. We don’t offer simple off-the-shelf, "take it or leave it" products and services, but adaptable, tailored solutions that change as your needs change. We practice lean and agile principles in everything we do, and focus our resources on being adaptable and ready to change with our customers.

These core values are at the heart of our success, and we believe they set us apart in a very competitive industry.