Service Delivery Team

A proven concept in ongoing process improvement

QTS facilitates ongoing process improvement through the Service Delivery Team

Team Approach

We don't just assign a customer service representative to our clients. We provide our partners with a team of skilled professionals assembled from each of our various specialties to lend their unique perspective and valuable expertise to helping you accomplish your specific logistics goals.


This SDT group brings all of the QTS products and services together, working cohesively as one to effectively manage the QTS-Client relationship. This service, unique in our industry, ensures that our resources are aligned properly with your fluid goals and expectations. While our team works with yours on a daily basis to manuever through the tactical requirements for operational success, the QTS SDT program adds the strategic element to the relationship.

Deadlines & Milestones

The SDT Coordinator acts as the project manager for the team to manage goals and expectations, and work with all involved parties to make deadlines and achieve milestones set by the team. Doing so creates an ongoing continuum of service enhancements and targeted improvements which steadily increase the value of QTS. The SDT Coordinator works with customers to evaluate needs and strategic goals, and proposes additional products and services for the customer’s benefit.

QTS becomes an integral and important part of the client’s rail transportation program today, tomorrow and beyond.

Put QTS expertise to work for you, and experience the value of the QTS Service Delivery Team.

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