Process Manager®

Managed Service Reduces Variation

Process Manager Features

  • Complete after-transit reporting on all phases of the transit process.
  • Summary reports providing analytical and statistical measurements of loaded, layover, empty and complete cycle.
  • Charts graphically display transit activities.
  • Advanced ad hoc querying and filtering capability.
  • Pareto charts with multiple levels of detail for analysis of transit abnormalities.
  • “Drill down” feature targets analysis of specific problem areas.
  • All report data viewable by plant, segment group or strategic group, etc.
  • Quick sort bars at the top of each column allow user to sort data by the most meaningful parameter.
  • Integrated export functions direct to Excel.

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Additional Features

Specific Fleet Reports

  • Full Cycle (Load, Layover, Empty, Plant, Cycle)
  • Transit Cycle
  • Product Delivery
  • Loaded Transits
  • Layover
  • Empty Transits
  • Plant Layover

Specific Transit Reports

  • Loaded
  • Empty
  • Layover
  • Product Delivery

Specific Deviation Reports

  • Deviation Reports for all Fleets & Transit Reports
  • Total Deviations