Fleet Manager®

Member of the SmartRail® Power Tool Family

Fleet Management Module Capabilities

  • Ability to monitor and maintain an accurate leasing information database.
  • Shop report database - maintain an accurate and timely database concerning all the scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance performed on your railcar fleet. Additionally, this database easily keeps track of all associated costs of these maintenance procedures, thus allowing for a quick audit of the associated invoices.
  • Total internal reporting capabilities where you can maintain an accurate record of railcars presently in shops and those cars scheduled for maintenance procedures in the next month, two months, or at any point in the future.
  • Car specific database - easily updated database which includes both standard fields i.e. paint dates, lining dates, car capacities, unload/load instructions; and customer free form fields.
  • Reporting capabilities - All data fields are Ad-Hoc report accessible. Additionally, all reports can be exported to Excel.

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Additional Features

Reconciliation of Monthly Lease Invoices

  • QTS will investigate all Net or Full Services leases for accuracy.
  • QTS will investigate to ensure that all maintenance credits due our customer are granted by the railcar leasing companies.

Monitoring and maintaining of the lease database.

  • QTS will constantly monitor this database to ensure that all cars are returned on time to the lessor and/or leases are extended to meet the needs of our customer.
  • If cars are to be returned to the lessor QTS will manage the railcar turn in process.

Maintaining a shop report database

  • QTS will maintain a car specific database on all maintenance procedures to include the associated costs for both the scheduled and non-scheduled repairs to which a car is subjected.
  • QTS will check for accuracy all charges for railcar repair prior to submission to our customer for payment.

Maintenance of a car specific database

  • We will maintain an accurate database consisting of accomplished test dates and the next required test date on all cars in our customer's database.
  • QTS will ensure that the required test dates are met for all cars.
  • Additionally the database features customer specific dates to include paint, wash, lining, etc., and free-form user defined fields.
  • Maintenance of specific car detail fields such as capacities, appliances, unload/load instructions, etc.

Mileage credit documentation

  • QTS will ensure that all mileage credits due our customer are both maintained and documented in order that they may be taken.
  • Mileage equalization documentation will be provided our customer on a yearly basis.

Maintaining the UMLER database.

In the event our customer has a private fleet of owned railcars QTS will be responsible for maintaining the UMLER database.

Reporting capabilities

  • All data fields are Ad-Hoc report accessible.
  • All generated reports are Excel downloadable.

Tax Reporting

QTS will review all customer submitted state ad valorem taxes for accuracy and issue yearly renditions for signature.

Special Services

  • As a unique service to our valued customer QTS stands ready to provide any special value added services as requested
  • Maintain internal cost or financial reports as needed.
  • Direct Payment of all repairs and lease invoices.
  • Bills are audited for accuracy by QTS before they are posted/submitted.
  • Bills are presented in a report format for approval prior to payment and bank draft to customer’s account.